Coppell Lions Club

Rules Policies and Traditions

Download the Rules, Policies and Traditions Document in PDF Format by clicking here.

The following are rules and/or policies that have been adopted over the years by the Board of Directors. Rule and policy changes can be recommended to the Board of Directors by any active member. Changes are subject to approval of the Board of Directors. Traditions have evolved over the years.

100% Attendance Awards:

The time period for attendance awards shall be a calendar year in order to allow sufficient time for tabulation, ordering and receipt of attendance pins before the awards banquet.

Any active club member that participates in a minimum of 23 club meetings and /or activities during the preceding calendar year shall be qualified to receive the 100% attendance award.

Keeper of the Plaques:

The President shall be in charge of, and responsible for: The Past Presidents Plaque, Lion of the Year Plaque, Lions Emblem Plaque, and Charter. The President shall see that they are properly maintained and turned over to the incoming President on a timely basis.

Lifetime Membership Awards:

The Club has set forth the following criteria to honor our members who have been active for a minimum of five years:

1. Membership in other clubs is considered to establish the five year minimum

2. At least two years in any club office or district office

3. At least one year as a major project Chairperson

4. At least two years on a project team

5. At least two years of 100% attendance in accordance with the 100% Attendance Awards policy.

6. Lion of the Year or has served on one of Lion’s charities.

Once a member has achieved all six criteria, the club should honor this lion with a Lifetime Membership in one of the state charities or Lions International as funding allows.

The requirements to be a Life Member in Lions International shall be as stated in Article I of the By-Laws.

Certificates of Appreciation (Recognition):

Certificates of Appreciation (Recognition) can be awarded to any Active Member to acknowledge a significant contribution to the club. These awards are at the discretion of the President.

Certificates of Appreciation (Recognition) can be awarded to community members who have made significant contributions to Lions related activities. These awards are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Visitor Meal Policy:

Guests of active members and invited speakers will have the cost of their meals paid for by the Club. Visiting Lions and others are responsible for paying for their own meals.

 Lotto Payout Rules:

The Lotto “pot” will always retain a minimum of $50.00 as seed money.

Club members winning the Lotto will receive half of the pot with the remaining amount going to the Club.

In order to foster active participation on the part of visitors, they will be allowed to participate in the Lotto. Any visitor that wins will receive a maximum of $50.00, subject to the seed money requirements.

Scholarship Funding:

The Scholarship Fund is a perpetual trust fund under Internal Revenue Code 501 (c)(3) and the Texas Charitable Trust Act and is known as The Lions Club of Coppell Scholarship Fund. The Fund is to be administered in accordance with the Declaration of Trust.

Policies adopted from time to time related to scholarship funding are:

1. The Club can put up to 10% of net proceeds from any fund raiser or a special amount at the end of the operation year into the account, if the Club votes to do so.

2. Subject to the availability of funds, scholarships are funded from the “Special Account” and not The Lions Club of Coppell Scholarship Fund.

3. The Lions Club of Coppell Scholarship Fund accounts shall be invested in accordance with recommendations made by the Treasurer and/or Finance Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. Accounting shall be in accordance with the Declaration of Trust.

4. Scholarship amounts, and the number of awards, are to be recommended by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

Scholarship Award Guidelines:

(Note: these need to be reviewed, modified and voted on by the club membership as there are some changes, especially the committee makeup that are different)

The following guidelines for awarding scholarships were adopted by the Club on March 19, 1984:

Scholarship Scope: Applications will be considered from seniors planning to attend four year colleges/universities, two year colleges or junior colleges, and licensed trade or technical school.

Eligibility: All graduating seniors regardless of race, religion, or sex are eligible for consideration upon submission of an application.

Level: (Need current guidelines from Bill Wescoat)

Method of Payment: Directly to student upon submittal of enrollment evidence or directly to institution as a credit to students account. (Needs to be updated to reflect current accounting policy – Bill Smothermon)

Award Criteria: Selection will be based on several factors including financial need, character, citizenship, scholastic record, service record, ability, and physical handicap, and teacher/staff recommendations.

Scholarship Selection Committee: Composed of High School Principal, Counselor, and three Lions Club Members. (Needs to be updated to reflect current composition of the selection committee- Bill Wescoat)

Application Procedure:

1. Students complete and submit a scholarship application plus:

A.  A statement on why they need or want the scholarship

B.  A list of their service/extra-curricular activities

C.  A statement as to their educational plans

D.  Any other information they want considered

2. Teacher/staff evaluations completed.

3. Scholarship selection committee reviews information from 1 & 2 and selects applicants for interviews.

4. Interview applicants.

5. Selection committee selects applicant and one alternate.

6. Notification to successful applicant (May 18 Graduation)

Renewal: Consideration will be given to continuing this scholarship for up to three additional years at the rate of ____ / year, ___ each semester based on expression of continuing financial need, evidence of satisfactory scholastic performance, and standing with the institution.

Contributions to other Organizations:

In accordance with Article VIII, Section 6 of the By-Laws no funds shall be solicited from the club during meetings by any individual or individuals who are not club members.

From time to time speakers may represent other service organizations that have worthwhile projects that the club may want to support. Decisions on funding shall not be considered during the club meeting, but rather referred to the Board of Directors for consideration.

Lion of the Year Selection:

The Lion of the Year is selected during a meeting during the month of April (????) by ballot with a majority of the active members present and voting. The President shall tabulate the ballots to determine the winner. The Lion of the Year shall be announced at the annual banquet in June, shall be presented with a plaque and have his/her name inscribed on club Lion of the Year plaque.

Tail Twister Funds:

Tail Twister fines are collected throughout the year and are turned over to the treasurer. These funds are generally used to defray the cost of beverages at the annual dinner in June.

The “Trophy”:

Fred/Bill – can someone come up with a short history of the “Trophy” and how it’s passed along at the annual holiday party? Need to be explicit as to the care, custody and control of this most prestigious award.

The President’s “Roast”:

It has been a long standing tradition in the club that there is a President’s “Roast” for the outgoing President at annual banquet. The Past President is responsible for the “Roast” and for providing a small gift of appreciation (this has been interesting in the past depending on the inventiveness of the Past President) as well as arranging for the Presidents plaque, certificates etc. The “Roast” is to be light-hearted and fun.